• LOOTBOX Lockable Multi Device Charging Box

    LOOTBOX. The smart, secure, multi-device charger.

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Do you need to find screen time balance for your family?

We have a limited number of the award winning LOOTBOX ready to ship. Choose from 60w or 100w chargers to suit your needs.

Now you can recharge, reconnect and find balance.

Designed for happier families

Sure, Lootbox is uber-good looking and will bring some neatness magic to your device charging areas. But Lootbox was designed for families. Sick of telling your kids to get off their phones and game consoles? Tired of device mess? Do you want quality time as family, or just getting active outdoors? Yeah, we did too.

That's why we made Lootbox. A smart, secure, multi-device charger, designed to help parents create healthier screen habits for their kids. Our prototype has been amazing for our families. No longer are our kids ransacking our house for the loot as it's locked away, safely in one location. We have less arguments as they know when they get their time. Most importantly? We are a healthier, happier family.

“Portable screened devices are making it increasingly difficult for families to find quality time together. But with Lootbox, now we can carve out meaningful time for human connection, while ensuring that devices are intentionally tucked away in this chic, secure lock box.”

Denise Roland - Intentionally Unplugged

“One of the most important and easiest steps in limiting screen time is physically putting devices away from sight when not being used in a mindful, purposeful manner. Children are particularly susceptible to endless device use if they are not physically limited from accessing them.”

Nicole Rawson - Screen Time Clinic