About us

Hi and welcome to Lootbox. We are so glad you are here!

We are Al & Simon, lifelong friends who developed Lootbox so our kids would have better screen time habits. 

We love our kids and their independence and strong will, but haven't much liked the energy-draining combat of trying to get them off screens and engaging in outside and the creative. Hiding devices led to a never-ending unfun game of hide-and-seek. Monitoring device time, managing consequences for sneaking extra time... It was exhausting and not good for our relationships, not to mention the mess of managing the household's devices in the bedroom - messy cables and annoying dings at all hours of the night. Aaagghh!!

The idea of locking devices away is a simple one, however after a tonne of searching we learned there was nothing really appropriate to secure and charge multiple devices. That’s when the idea of Lootbox was born.

On our journey of development and prototyping we realised that a simple box and key wouldn’t be enough. 

Apart from looking great, Lootbox needed to charge multiple devices neatly, provide efficient ventilation, allow easy plug-in access, provide specific storage for the most common device types and sizes, and neatly manage device charge cords and power supplies. Finally, we needed to remotely know when Lootbox was accessed to keep track so we could plan healthy screen habits, and for that extra peace of mind. 

Our mission is to help parents raise healthy kids, in a time when screens dominate our lives. We hope Lootbox will make a positive difference to your family time, as it has ours.

We look forward to showing you more when our Kickstarter campaign goes live.

Until then, we wish you all the best,

Al & Simon